What is an engagement shoot?

February 19, 2013


I have been getting a lot of emails asking me what exactly an engagement is and then I realised why!  I haven't actually shared any of them on my site so please allow me to amend this and share with you the engagement shoot of the wonderful David & Kim.

An engagement shoot is simply a fun and relaxed couple shoot.  They are highly recommended as they get you used to being in front of a professional photographer.  You will get an idea how I work and hopefully get rid of any anxieties you may have about getting your photo taken.  I will also share some really simple posing techniques with you that you can practice in the mirror on the run up to your wedding (just make sure you don't get caught doing this as people will think you have lost it!).

David and Kim got a wet dark day for their shoot but that didn't stop us having fun and getting some awesome photos!  This shoot lasted about 30 minutes and went a little something like this...


  1. Jen

    Love this x

  2. Kathryn

    Lovely shoot Neil. Great pics. I love the shots against the wall. V atmospheric in the rain. :-)

  3. Astrid

    Love the first colour portrait shot of them. Strong! Love it.

  4. Shree Vella

    You have some exquisite snaps! :)


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