Wedding Photography @ Buttermere with Helen & Andy

May 30, 2013


Wedding season is in full swing and I am loving every minute of it!  I thought I should share this truly breathtaking wedding with you.

On the way to meeting Helen in the morning I was totally gutted for her.  She had planned an absolutely fabulous wedding and a lot of it was outdoors so when the torrential rain started coming down in the morning I feared for the worst.  This didn't last long because within 2 minutes of meeting Helen and despite the rain still lashing down she was so chilled out and positive and quite rightly so as 5 minutes after they stepped out the church the rain had ceased!

Andy and Helen got married in a lovely little church in the village of Buttermere in the Lake District and afterwards led their guests a 2 mile walk along the lake to their ideally situated tipi.  The lake was so peaceful and beautiful with an atmospheric mist on the hills so we stopped off along the way for a couple of photos.  Andy & Helen were up for anything, even going in the water for a couple of shots!

Once at the beautifully decorated tipi the guests were treated to picnic hampers and a free bar!  They even had a boat and despite a guest breaking an ore they had loads of fun sailing about the lake.  Their first dance song was by The Libertines which I strongly approved off and the party was certainly in full swing when I left.

My words do this wedding no justice but I like to think my pictures do.  It went a little something like this...


  1. Alexa Loy

    I adore these photographs – beautifully shot Neil – both capturing the story of the day and the awesome composition/processing etc of the couples portraits/group photos. Gorgeous stuff.

  2. Kathryn

    I love this wedding Neil. Those shots in the lake are just divine! Breathtaking stuff!!

  3. Lisa

    Absolutely stunning portraits!

  4. linzie russo

    Neil – this is incredible. The bride and groom rocked on the best day of their life and you captured the fun and the feeling of the day. Love it xx

  5. Alexa Clarke Kent

    WOW WOW WOW! These photos are just incredible. Bloody brilliant work Neil. They look like they had a blast! What a cool wedding.

  6. Lisa Devlin

    This just takes my breath away, it is all stunning Neil. What a truly amazing couple… my hat is officially off to you all.

  7. shelly

    Just bloody awesome. FACT! I want to have shot that wedding…. no fair. Love the wellies, the boat, the fur coat, the hampers, the lake….. just bloody gorgeous. Top work Neil.

  8. Elliue Gillard

    Just lovely – and you’ve made the wet lake district look as beautiful and otherwordly as it is.

  9. Elliue Gillard

    Just lovely – and you’ve made the wet lake district look as beautiful and otherwordly as it is.

  10. Ray McShane

    Superb Neil, you smashed it! That tilt and shift shot….oooof!

  11. fiona watson

    I am in love with these pictures! you totally capthred such a beautiful and relaxed wedding. Brilliant.

  12. Shan Shirlaw

    Hi Neil

    What a gorgeous simple but well thought out wedding : ) and your pictures captured their day beautifully ……. Huge well done on your eye for a good shot xx

  13. Nikki Leadbetter

    Neil these are outstanding! You have totally nailed it. I’m sure Helen and Andy are absolutely over the moon with them! Well done lad! Nikkix

  14. Kelly @ Boho Weddings

    Absolutely stunning! what an amazing wedding, well done Neil for creating some EPIC shots here. I LOVE it! xxx

  15. Jennie hill

    stunning photograph what an amazing couple. 🙂 Looked like everyone let their down!!

  16. Paul

    Frickin’ awesome dude. The remoteness and intimacy shines through. Love every shot in this set!

  17. Jean Nichol

    So so pleased you will be taking photos of my daughter’s wedding (Lisa) next February … these photos (and the other albums) are stunning – you have a brilliant way of capturing the moment and combining it with the scenery (whether city or countryside) Think I especially like these ones as I live in Cumbria and frequent the Lakes a lot
    So (no pressure :-)) … can’t wait to see the ones you’ll take of Lisa & Gordon x

  18. Zoe Campbell

    Neil!!!!! you’ve totally blow me away.. what an incredible set of images and such an amazing wedding, hats off to helen and andy, they rock.. and you rock too… fantastic work. Super Chuffing Chuffed for you 😀

  19. Julie Tinton

    What an amazing wedding! You’ve captured it all so beautifully too, just perfect!

  20. laura frood

    I’m in awe, easily the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever seen! I actually exhaled in sheer astonishment at some of these pictures Neil. WOW

  21. Mareike Murray

    Wow amazing work Neil. What an absolutely cool wedding, photographed perfectly. You can really feel the atmosphere.

  22. Andy Dunlop

    Those reflection shots are unreal. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

  23. Den

    Oh my giddy aunt! You nailed it Neil!

  24. Jen Owens

    Amazing!! So beautiful Neil. Looks like you captured the day perfectly, what amazing memories for Helen and Andy to have. Awesome x

  25. andrea porter

    As mother of the bride can I thank you Neil for helping to make the wedding so memorable for us all – not just on the day but for years to come.I wondered how you would manage it when I saw the rain coming down in torrents but we are all astounded by the stunning photos you have created. Again, many thanks and well done!. Andrea Porter

  26. Jo

    Love seeing your blog, you literally get better every time you post! Loved the shots from this particular one, the 5th photo in was my first gasp of “thats lovely”. Hope I can progress the way you have, you are kicking butt!

  27. Sophie Griffiths

    … just when I think it can’t get much better… out comes the boat! STUNNING photograph collection. I wanted to be there … fab group of people. Be -a – u -ti – ful. Surely some competition entries in there … if you are that way inclined.

  28. Debbie Benadie

    Absolutely stunning photos – everyone looked like they were having a brilliant time – what a beautiful place to get married.

  29. Erin

    I just LOVE this whole thing… Such beautiful shots.

  30. Tom Bramwell

    Brilliant work Neil, stunning portraits!

  31. jennysoep

    You continue to astound and impress me Neil – absolutely beautiful photos – tremendous. What a fantastic looking wedding, and a lucky couple to have you to capture it.

  32. Emma Talbot

    Hi Neil,

    I’m currently in my final year at university, studying Fashion, Communication and Promotion. Our first project is to create a magazine in a group, and we have decided to create a modern/alternative wedding magazine. We plan to have a feature on real weddings and would love to use your images from Helen and Andy’s wedding. If you could let me know if that would be possible, that would be great. Also, is it possible to have Helen and Andy’s contact details?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,



  33. Janet Young


  34. Maggie Howe

    Best weddings photos iv seen in a long time so natural well done

  35. India Miles

    these are amazing!


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