Mila & Jonny: Marlin’s Wynd Wedding

October 25, 2018

Marlin's Wynd Wedding Photographer

Mila & Jonny

There’s something really satisfying about a city wedding - the sight of the bride and groom out in the bustle of the town, having the best day of their lives surrounded by commuters and locals just getting on with it. It’s a surreal contrast, and I had loads of fun with Mila and Jonny wandering the streets of Edinburgh on their autumn wedding day.

They got married at Marlin’s Wynd, one of the most unusual wedding venues in Edinburgh, in an emotional ceremony. They’re a beautiful, stylish couple, and as you’ll see below, their wedding was an alternative and highly creative affair - pink hair, tattoos, graphics, illustrations, balloons, and glow-sticks aplenty during their nighttime party. They were not short of quirky wedding ideas, and we had an awesome time together. I love an urban wedding and I’m really looking forward to my next wedding at Marlin’s Wynd.


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