How long does a couple shoot take on a wedding day?

April 29, 2012


I would like you to introduce you to the beautiful Liam and Jill. They got married in the stunning Arta in Glasgow and I am going to use them to answer a question I get asked a lot...

How long should we set aside for the couple shoot? 

There is no set answer for this as it all depends on the timings for your big day. From experience I would say the minimum would be 20 minutes and the longest I have spent with a couple on their wedding day was an hour (at the couples request). A good thing to remember is that if time is tight in the afternoon (perhaps you're having a late service) then there is usually a time after dinner while the evening reception venue gets ready and you're waiting for the evening guests to arrive. This time in the evening also provides a lovely quality of light, photographers call this the 'golden hour' (the hour before sunset).

So the answer is that it is completely up to you! Every wedding is different and we can go through your day beforehand and organise the photos in a way that works best for you. To help you get an idea on the different locations and types of photos that can be taken in just over half an hour here are some photos from Liam and Jill's couple shoot. The couple will get loads more photos than this but this will show you how fast I can work.

Liam and Jill were so much fun to photograph! We even managed to get one outside their favourite pub Mcchuills. I love how Jill is rocking her leather jacket for the shoot!

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  1. Andy Galbraith

    Hi Neil

    We met at Shaun and Leighanne Butler’s wedding. My wedding band have recently re-branded and are looking for some new photos for the new website.

    We’re (or at least I am) keen on avoiding the usual cliched “smiling idiots holding instruments” type shots and I know you’re more about the quirky, original stuff.

    I’ve not thought too much about what I’m after but am envisaging perhaps an outdoor shoot in Glasgow similar to some of the wedding shots you’ve got on here but I’d be pretty comfortable with any suggestions you will no doubt have.

    I haven’t checked with the band as to when they’re free but were ideally looking for something in the next month if you have availability? Also could you give me an indication of price? Photos are for website and promo use so can’t see us needing more than say 10 finished photos.

    Look forward to hearing from you on either or 07980 872198.



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