Festival Wedding with James & Helen

November 16, 2013


What a wedding this was!  I don't know where to start so I am going to make a list of things that you should know:

  • James & Helen are brilliant and very creative.
  • So much of this wedding was hand-made even down to the rings and the top table.  Yes, the actual table.
  • James & Helen like to go out on their little boat in their spare times so they want to travel from the ceremony to their festival site in it.  The rain was torrential and the boat engine broke.  They had to row under a bridge and phone for help.
  • They crowd surfed.

I could go on and but I will stop and cut straight to the photos.  If you want to learn more about how James & Helen made this awesome wedding happen then hop over to this feature on Rock N Roll Bride...


It went a little something like this...


  1. Lydia Stamps

    TOTALLY EPIC. Neil, you ROCKED IT. Amazing wedding, and amazing photos.

  2. stuart sutton

    If you’ll pardon my french neil,,….fucking awsome man!!! Totally incredible day and totally incredible photographer! !! Take a bow!!

  3. Naomi Mcdouall

    INCREDIBLE – beautifully captured. So many favourites, the one of Helen running in the rain, the ones through the door, the field…ahhh. These guys look like a blast!

  4. Kitty Glover

    Neil, I have never seen the most fantastic love that two people ‘Helen & James’ have for each other captured so incredibley in pictures. The love shone thru in, the setting ,the homemade everything’s family & friends. Am so glad that we were there with them to share their day.

  5. lisa

    LOVE these. The photos through the door are just incredible.

  6. Lindsey

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Neil this is amazing! What a fab wedding. x

  7. Kathryn

    This is spectacular! I love the one where she is drinking strongbow on the boat and he is on his phone. Brilliant capture. And yes, bride through door. Love that light!

  8. Vic

    Absolutely amazing!

  9. Angela Bonnar

    Very very very cool wedding shoot.

  10. Anne T Baldyhead

    So many people live a long life and do not have the joy this lass had. All the best to her husband and family.

  11. Denise Clark

    The most wonderfully photos I have ever seen,xx

  12. Denise Clark

    The most amazing wedding photos I have ever seen,thinking of you today James ,never met Helen but she looked beautiful

  13. Leanne Strange

    you’ve captured everything amazingly. xxx

  14. Colette Aitken

    Amazing pictures! Sheer happiness radiates from them xx


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