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June 12, 2020

Errol Park Wedding Photographer

Fraser & Holly

The brilliant Fraser & Holly had their super laidback DIY wedding at the stunning Errol Park and what a joy it was to be their photographer.  With the Autumnal colour just starting to show and a slight chill in the air I did have my doubts that their dream of an outdoor ceremony would become a reality and it was very touch and go!

The day starting with Holly getting ready in my favourite bridal prep room ever!  I absolutely love the light and decor in Errol Park's bedrooms. Those grand windows just flood the spacious rooms with beautiful soft light making Holly's stunning handmade and self designed dress look fabulous.

After a super relaxed morning it was time for the first look (I explain what a first look is here).  Fraser & Holly chose to do their couple and family photographs before the ceremony so that they could spend the entire afternoon with their guests.  This works really well and is actually quite popular in other countries so it's something you can consider if you're currently planning your wedding.  There are certainly no shortage of places to explore for photographs in the grounds of Errol park which I loved getting creative with.  Then it was time for a few family snaps (how cute is their wee daughter Dawn!) before the ceremony.

As I mentioned early, it was touch and go wether the outdoor ceremony would happen.  There was a drizzle of rain and the chairs were setup inside until 15 minutes before the ceremony time.  It then brightened up and it was all hands on deck to get the chairs out and setup everything outside.  This led to one of my favourite moments of the day!  As time was tight we didn't have time to setup the sound system and Holly & Fraser had wanted to walk down the aisle together to the Star Wars theme tune.  The humanist celebrant Halde then came up with a genius solution as he got all the guests to hum the theme song as the couple came down the aisle.  The rest of the ceremony was filled with emotion and much laughter and the backdrop of Errol Park house was so worth the last dash to move it outside.

The rest of the day was full of food, drink, hugs and so much dancing!  It went a little something like this...

a wedding couple pose at Errol Park in scotland A beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at errol park in scotland




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